Montag, 18. Jan 2021 -- 14:35:19

GOG-Downloader 2.25 für Debian Linux 7 Wheezy und Debian 8 Jessie 32 und 64bit

Der GOG Downloaders für Linux ist in der Version 2.25 erschienen.

Die Pakete für Debian Wheezy und Jessie (32 und 64 Bit) sind wie üblich ist im Repository und auf der Download-Seite verfügbar.

Die Pakete funktionieren auch unter Debian 8 (Jessie) einwandfrei!


LGOGDownloader 2.25
- Added options to login separately to website and API
* --login-api
* --login-website
* Makes it possible to use cookies exported from browser (helps if user gets reCAPTCHA on login form)
- Added detection of reCAPTCHA during login
- Changed path for game specific config files
* Game specific config files are now located in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/lgogdownloader/gamespecific/gamename.conf
- Added support for ignoring dlc count information using game specific config file with --list option
- Removed --no-deb and --no-targz options
* GOG no longer provides deb and tarball archives
- Implemented gogdownloader:// protocol download (patch by: Sandy Carter)
* Implements the following commands:
* lgogdownloader gogdownloader://GAME_NAME/FILE_ID
* lgogdownloader --download-file gogdownloader://GAME_NAME/FILE_ID
* lgogdownloader gogdownloader://GAME_NAME_1/FILE_ID_1,GAME_NAME_2/FILE_ID_2,...
* lgogdownloader --download-file gogdownloader://GAME_NAME_1/FILE_ID_1,GAME_NAME_2/FILE_ID_2,..
- Added option to specify output filename (patch by: Sandy Carter)
* Adds -o and --output-file option to specify path and downloaded file name when using --download-file
- Removed tarball specific code from API implementation
- Fixed priority handling with duplicate values
- Added support for using strings to set language, language-priority, platform and platform-priority instead of using numbers
- Fixed retry on operation timeout