Dienstag, 16. Apr 2024 -- 07:21:46

GOG-Downloader 2.26 für Debian Linux 7 Wheezy und Debian 8 Jessie (32 und 64bit)

Der GOG Downloaders für Linux ist in der Version 2.26 erschienen.

Die Pakete für Debian Wheezy und Jessie (32 und 64 Bit) sind wie üblich im Repository für Wheezy, Repository für Jessie und auf der Download-Seite verfügbar.


LGOGDownloader 2.26
- Check that stdin is a tty before reading (patch by: Stephen Kitt)
- Added version string and number to cached game details
- Fixed priority handling for DLCs
- Combined priority handling with --platform and --language options
* Use "+" as separator to combine values and "," to set priority
* Syntax for --platform and --language options was changed: see --help or man page for details
- Added support for new language: Slovak
- Use include/exclude options to choose what files to download
* --cover, --no-cover, --no-installers, --no-extras, --no-patches, --no-language-packs and --no-dlc options have been removed
* Default: --include "all" --exclude "covers"
* See --help for available options